Client Testimonials

  • “I utilize the BACK ON TRAC equipment in my office and am having great success with it!  My patients have benefited tremendously from it, as well as myself.  I can set the adjustable settings specific to my patient’s condition which beats other equipment I have used.  If you are looking for a durable unit that can help with your low back patients, BACK ON TRAC can help!”
    Dr. Kyle Daigle
    Ultimate Performance Sports & Rehab
  • “I have been using BACK ON TRAC in my practice since 2013.  I replaced my older, much larger spinal decompression table and I could not be happier.  It is not only much smaller and therefore takes up less space, but according to my patients it works much better and is significantly more comfortable.  I have found that while most people prefer the standard intermittent setting of protocol C, it is nice to have the 21 different options which allow you to tailor your treatment for each person as an individual.  In addition to the excellent results I’ve been getting with the equipment, the customer service from the team at BACK ON TRAC is second to none.  They are extremely helpful and have checked up on the unit to make sure it is in proper working order and that we have not had any difficulties with operating the machine.  I highly recommend this product.”
    Dr. Jason Sutherland
    Sunderland Chiropractic
  • “The capability of prescribing unilateral or bilateral-lateral flexion combined with static or intermittent lumbar stretching is one of the most exciting components of the BACK ON TRAC chair for me.  I’ve found a vast improvement in clinical response time with sacro-iliac conditions, facet syndrome, foraminal encroachment, degenerative and bulged discs, scoliosis and especially anterior spondylolisthesis.”
  • “My name is Dr. Matt Mackey.  I have been in practice for the last fourteen years.  I specialize in Functional Medicine and Functional Neurology in my clinic.  I see a multitude of chronic patients that have a wide range of conditions as well as acute pain patients.” “We have two BACK ON TRAC machines and have had them for over 2 years now.  We also have two Lordex tables.  We have put many of our patients on both the Lordex and the BACK ON TRAC tables to get their feedback on which table they prefer more.  I would estimate that 7 out of 10 patients prefer the BACK ON TRAC to the Lordex.  Our clinic is a high volume clinic and we have put many hours of use on our BACK ON TRAC tables and had very few reliability issues.  The very rare times that we have had a problem with one of the tables JT and Linda have been very quick to get it fixed promptly.  We have gotten great results with our patients that have low back pain and radiating pain down the leg.  It has also helped our knee pain patients as many of them have low back problems contributing to their knee pain.”    
  • I was introduced to the Back on Trac chair around 4 years ago and immediately bought one for my office. I was impressed by not only the functional capabilities but also the design and comfort to the patient. I have used tru-trac, drx 9000, cox table and now the back on trac; based on my experience I have had much better results as well as complete patient compliance with the BOT device.
    Dr. Chad Everett
    Texas Health and Wellness
  • As most chiropractors know, most new equipment or technologies usually do not stay around too long.  In the sixteen plus years I have been practicing, I have seen a lot of this equipment “come and go”.  This will not be the case with Ergo-Flex Technologies’ BACK ON TRAC.  The BACK ON TRAC is a must have for any practice treating lower back issues.  The “chair” as we call it, gives the provider a multitude of treatment options which I don’t have with my spinal decompression unit.  The fully automated lateral flexion component alone is enough of a reason to purchase the chair and works exceptionally well with those pesky degenerative facet joints.  Ergo-Flex Technologies has now added 21 different therapy settings which can easily address scoliotic curvatures, degenerated spines, and even hips.  It has also become part of our treatment for those patients returning for regular wellness visits.  Given its unique ability to address so many different conditions in the lumbar spine, it is exceedingly the most popular piece of equipment in my office.  I can’t keep my patients off of the “chair”
    Dr. Tony DeRamus
    Sandstone Chiropractic